Doc what are the Side Effects of this medication??

I am scared of side effects every Doctor hears this very often. So What are Side effects ?? Side effects, also known as adverse reactions they are unwanted undesirable effects that are possibly related to a drug? Side effects can vary from minor problems to life-threatening events.”Like one size does not fit all”Every medication can not suit every individual as we are all genetically different hence at times its effects can be unpredictable. Several things can affect who does and does not have side effects when taking a drug like Age, use of other drugs, vitamins or other underlying diseases of kidney or liver. Talking about Diabetes medication Common side effects of Anti Diabetes medication include upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, loose motions or low sugars if taken in overdose. Diabetes medications are very well studied medications with a lot of research and data backing their use so a doctor is prepared what to expect with use and years of experience enrich them with the best choice for each patient. It’s a MYTH that Diabetes medication causes kidney, liver or Heart damage in fact it saves these vital organs from impending damage due to high blood sugars. Sometimes longstanding neglect of Diabetes or rising sugars a person comes to us with already set damage of eyes or nerves or other vital organs and blame is put on medications but it’s actually not due to medication but due to not taking medication on time. There are negligible medications which work without side effects….. “What gives effects may give Some side effects as well”So it’s the risk-benefit ratio on which a Doctor decides if a medication is genuinely needed like minor side effects by taking medication Vs vital organ damage in long term by not taking medication. As a Patient, every Individual has the right to know and understand the effects of medication given and its necessity by the treating doctor. Also, ways to reduce the undesirable effects of those medications should be discussed. So some ways to reduce the side effects of medication are …. 1) Reading the labels to know if the dose prescribed and doses bought are the same to prevent overdose. 2) Understanding how a medication needs to be taken before or after meals so timings should be correct. 3) Avoid skipping and missing doses or self-manipulation of doses. 4) Keeping the Doctor in the loop if any unusual symptoms are noticed on initiation of medication or any alternative medication is taken along with prescribed medicine. Medications surely are important tools so a thorough understanding and trust between the prescriber and the one prescribed are imperative.

Dr Shubhashree Patil

Diabetes and wellness clinic.