Monsoon health tips for every Diabetes patient

We all love arrival of rains and our favourite monsoon season.Every diabetic should enjoy this season thoroughly without falling pray to infections since diabetes patients have low immunity. Hence here is something you should read through and take a mental note.


Eat hygienic home cooked fresh food where you can control amount of carbs oils and avoid temptation of eating street food like bhajiya, Wada pav.
Wash fruits and vegetables meticulously well before consumption whenever doubtful avoid raw food as they may carry parasitic and bacterial infestation in them. Do remind your diabetologist to give you a course of deworming medication prior to and after monsoons.


Stay well hydrated and drink enough water. Boil water if you want to avoid water borne disease.
Water borne disease like typhoid, gastroenteritis are common during this season. Diarhea and vomiting may lead to dehydration and lack of apetite may lead to low sugars specially on antidiabetic medications hence adequate hydration and adjustment of doses of Diabetes medication during illness may be needed along with other treatment.


Include garlic, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, jeera and coriander in your meals which work as immune booster superfoods during this season.


Wash your face 2 to 3 times a day to wash off dirt, impurities and wear a sunscreen daily to prevent damage from U V rays.
Wear loose cotton clothes use antifungal talcom powders to prevent FUNGAL INFECTIONS in areas where you sweat more.


Do not skip exercises using rains as excuse 30 to 40 min of any form of exercise helps the diabetes to be well under control.


a) Avoid walking in dirty puddles of water or bare foot as soil may contain germs causing foot infections .

b) Check your feet daily for any injuries, cracks and take care of them.

c) If you happen to wet your feet in dirty monsoon water take off your wet socks and shoe immediately after coming home. Wash your feet with antiseptic soap, dry them with soft cloth, apply moisturiser on feet but not between the fingers. Any moisture between the fingers may lead to fungal infections.

d) Please wear comfortable footwear soft on sole. Any tight or plastic footwear can lead to shoe bite injuries.

e) Any foot injuries, redness, swelling should not be ignored and should be brought to your doctors attention earliest.

f) Diabetes patients may have decreased sensation of feet and pain sensation may be absent hence injuries may go unnoticed hence care takers should keep a watch and seek doctors attention.


Eye redness, itching, allergies and infections are very common in monsoons so check your diabetes control and report to your doctor immediately.

Wishing all diabetes patients a happy and healthy monsoons.

“With right knowledge and adequate awareness we can keep many troubles at bay for every diabetic”

Dr Shubhashree Patil,
Diabetes and wellness clinic.