Our Success Stories - Mr Parveen Narang

Our Success Stories – Mr Parveen Narang

In these depressing times, some stories cheer you and give immense joy as a doctor like the one of our patient Mr Parveen Narang.

Mr Narang, a banker who is basically from Jammu walked into my clinic with recently detected Diabetes ( HBA1C 6.9) and prescription of medications and asked me “Do you think I need them??”
I said…… No Sir! you don’t need medication but if you take them that’s an easy option BUT if you want to quit medication forever you have a difficult option of a permanent lifestyle change and discipline and that’s very challenging.

At age of 60 like a determined patient he listened and grasped what it takes NOT to be a Diabetes patient and accepted challenges like a PRO.

Finally, his diligence and endurance have paid off after losing smashing 15 kg weight from 3 consecutive visits about 8 months now he is not a diabetes patient on not a single medication( HBA1C 5.7).

In the last visit he asked…..”Can I be on your Facebook page” and with pride I said… “Sir you have every right to be there “

“Sir your journey is truly an example of how not to be a diabetes patient for today’s diabetic youth who needs an encouragement to accept challenges and pave ways just like you”.

“Wishing you good health always 👍”