Monitoring Blood Sugars with CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System)

If its told to you it’s possible to MONITOR blood sugars of every DIABETES patient day and night WITHOUT MULTIPLE PRICKS would you believe?
YES ITS TRUE !! it can be done through CGMS (continuous glucose monitoring system).

CGMS is an unique system which helps us monitor blood sugars of every diabetes patient at every “3 to 5 min” up to 288 READINGS in 24 HOURS periods during day and night.

This system helps every DIABETES patient to get insight into their blood sugar levels highs and lows during meals , exercise and illness. It helps you proactively manage blood sugar levels UNLIKE GLYCOMETER which gives us a single glucose reading.

CGMS helps us REDUCE HBA1C levels by targeting the culprit areas correctly and also reduce the chances of HYPOGLYCEMIA ( low blood sugars).

How does CGMS DEVICE work?

During CGM use a tiny SENSOR which is painless is inserted under the skin using an automatic applicator. An adhesive patch holds the CGMS sensor in place so that sensor can measure glucose readings in interstitial fluid through out day and night. A small, reusable transmitter connects to sensor wire and sends real time readings to a receiver so that user can view the information.
A graph also can be recorded to review the glucose trends throughout the day.

Advantages of CGM device-

1.It gives your treating doctor a DYNAMIC DATA which helps better in taking TREATMENT DECISIONS correctly .It PREVENTS any unnecessary DOSE ESCALATION by targeting culprit meals properly.
2.It prevents MULTIPLE PRICKS to patients for MONITORING fluctuating blood sugars since CGMS gives fair correlation and data on meals, exercise and consequent sugar readings.
3.It can be used in the COMFORT of home by patient without hampering patients work routine. It helps them get motivated for BETTER DIABETES control and oriented on foods which boosts their sugars.
4.It gives better HbA1C levels and can prevent HYPOGLYCEMIA ( low blood sugars ) by unique low and high sugar alarms.

So if you find it difficult to control your diabetes definitely speak to your doctor to help you with CGMS DEVICE which can help you get back on your target levels.

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